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Arapahoe County Quilters

Celebrating the Art of Quiltmaking in Denver for 30+ Years

Next monthly Guild Meeting: Thursday October 12 All are welcome to join us for this special OPEN HOUSE meeting.  Special Open House activities start at 5:30 PM.  Meeting is in person at Our Father Lutheran Church, 6335 S Holly St, Centennial and LIVE STREAMED on Zoom. 

Next workshop is online Saturday October 21, Half Day Workshop 9 -12 with Sheri Noel, of Rebecca Mae Designs, Making Madawaska Mittens.

ACQ's Online Auction Fundraiser runs from October 12 through October 22.  Fall 2023 Online Auction Fundraiser

Festival of Quilts XVI 2023

It's a Wrap

A big Thank You to all of you who shared your beautiful quilts, to all of you who volunteered your time and talents and helped in so many ways, and to all of you who attended the show!!  Pat yourself on the back for making the show a success!  A special Thank You to the hard working super stars — the FOQ XVI committee — for a smooth running quilt show!

Opening Reception 

Thursday evening, June 9, we held the opening reception for the Festival of Quilts at which the judging results were announced for first, second, and third place in the different categories.  Plus the winners of Best of Show, and other awards from judging and our show sponsors.  After the awards, the quilt show was opened to those who attended the reception.

Thank you to the Festival of Quilts Official Sponsors:

Bound to be Quilting

Myers Sewing Machine Company

Purple TuTu Quilting

Wooden Spools

Photos from Opening Reception

Best First Time Entry, 2nd Place Applique Large, 505/1302, Bouquets for a New Day
Sponsor's Choice Wooden Spools, 1506, Solar Flare
Sponsor's Choice Myer's Sewing, 1505, Seasons of a Pandemic
Viewer's Choice, 1534, Imagination Begins
Sponsor's Choice Purple Tutu Quilting, 1508, Nancy's Kaleidoscope
2nd Place Kit or BOM, 1304, Liberty
1st Place Kit or BOM, 1303, Green Tea and Sweet Beans
3rd Place Kit or BOM, 1301, Galavanting
3rd Place Special Techniques, 1105, Red Beauties
2nd Place Special Techniques, 1104, Snowmen Parade
1st Place Special Techniques, 1102, A Quilter's Life
3rd Place Art, 903, Moon Dance
1st Place Art, Judge's Choice Pamela Walsh, 902, Joie de Vivre
NACQJ Award of Merit, 2nd Place Art, 901, Une Nouvelle Tapisserie
2nd Place Modern Small, 805, Sewing is Our Superpower
3rd Place Modern Small, 804, Triangles
1st Place Modern Small, 803, Technicolor Yawn
Best Use of Color and Design, 1st Place Modern Large, 704, Fun-Key Mun-Key
2nd Place Modern Large, 703, It is Well With My Soul
3rd Place Modern Large, 701, Harmony with Hexagon Swirls
3rd Place Applique Small, 604, Paisley Splash
2nd Place Applique Small, 602, Comical Halloween Faces
1st Place Applique Small, Judge's Choice Christine Brown, 601, My Harrison Rose
Best of Show, Best Domestic Machine Quilting, 1st Place Applique Large, 503, Garden Party Down Under
3rd Place Applique, Sponsor's Choice Bound to Be Quilting, 502, Flower Garden
Best Hand Guided Mid/Long Arm Quilting, 1st Place Pieced B, 414, Christmas Comfort
3rd Place Pieced B, 411, Long Time Gone
Best Computerized Mid/Long Arm Quilting, 409, Tree of Life
2nd Place Pieced B, 408, Celebration
2nd Place Pieced A, 312, Rhododendron Trail
1st Place Pieced A, 309, Ice Cream Soda
3rd Place Pieced A, 305, In Harmony
Best Hand Quilting, 304, Souvenir from Hattiesburg
1st Place Youth, 102, The Magic of Pictures
2nd Place Youth, 101, Rainbow Splash

Photos of Winning Quilts

 Winning Quilts


Best of Show

Entry # 


Quilt Name

Garden Party Down Under

Entrant Name

Janet Miller

Best Hand Quilting


Souvenir from Hattiesburg

Gerald Dunbar

Best Computerized MidLong Arm Machine Quilting


Tree of Life

Angela Nofziger

Best of Hand Guided Mid/Long Arm Quilting


Christmas Comfort

Cathy Zirkelbach

Best Domestic Machine Quilting


Garden Party Down Under

Janet Miller

Best Use of Color and Design


Fun-Key Mun-Key

Gerald Dunbar

Best First Time Entry


Bouquets for a New Day

Sharon Mirabella

NACQJ Award of Merit


Une Nouvelle Tapisserie

Judith Ahlborn

Judge's Choice -Christine Brown


My Harrison Rose

Doris DeGenova

Judge's Choice -Pamela Walsh

Sponsor's Choice -Bound to be Quilting

Sponsor's Choice -Myers Sewing

Sponsor's Choice -Purple TuTu Quilting

Sponsor's Choice -Wooden Spools






Joie de Vivre

Flower Garden

Seasons of a Pandemic

Nancy's Kaleidoscope

Solar Flare

Linda Mazunik

Susann Gharst

Kate Colleran

Nancy Conklin

Kelly Collins

Viewer's Choice


Imagination Begins

Kate Smith

First Place -Youth - ages 12 & under


The Magic of Pictures

Shepard Mazunik

Second Place -Youth - ages 12 & under 


Rainbow Splash

Annie Mazunik

First Place -Pieced, Group A


Ice Cream Soda

Rachael Lambrecht

Second Place -Pieced, Group A


Rhododendron Trail

Lucy Rognes

Third Place -Pieced, Group A


In Harmony

Louise Helton

First Place -Pieced, Group B


Christmas Comfort

Cathy Zirkelbach

Second Place -Pieced, Group B



Liz Lansford

Third Place -Pieced, Group B Large


Long Time Gone

Barbara Pond

First Place -Applique Large


Garden Party Down Under

Janet Miller

Second Place -Applique Large


Bouquets for a New Day

Sharon Mirabella

Third Place -Applique Large


Flower Garden

Susann Gharst

First Place -Applique Small


My Harrison Rose

Doris DeGenova

Second Place -Applique Small


Comical Halloween Faces

Jean Gibson

Third Place -Applique Small


Paisley Splash

Doreen Mortimer

First Place  -Modern Large


Fun-Key Mun-Key

Gerald Dunbar

Second Place -Modern Large


It Is Well With My Soul

Jen Dietz

Third Place -Modern Large


Harmony with Hexagon Swirls

Michele Allen

First Place -Modern Small


Technicolor Yawn

Louise Helton

Second Place -Modern Small


Sewing is Our Superpower

Linda Mazunik

Third Place -Modern Small



Liz Lansford

First Place -Art


Joie de Vivre

Linda Mazunik

Second Place -Art


Une Nouvelle Tapisserie

Judith Ahlborn

Third Place -Art


Moon Dance

Bernadette Sullivan

First Place -Special Techniques


A Quilter's Life

Jean Gibson

Second Place -Special Techniques


Snowmen Parade

Connie LaDue

Third Place -Special Techniques


Red Beauties

Carolyn Morris

First Place -Kit or Block of the Month


Green Tea and Sweet Beans

Sharon Mirabella

Second Place -Kit or Block of the Month



Cathy Zirkelbach

Third Place -Kit or Block of the Month



Donna Hankinson

Photographs of ALL QuiltS ENTERED IN THE Show

414, Christmas Comfort, Cathy Zirkelbach
412, Gardenesque, Beth Taggart
411, Long Time Gone, Barbara Pond
410, Harvest Baskets, Susan Poet
409, Tree of Life, Angela Nofziger
408, Celebrations, Liz Landford
407, Garden Girls, Gayla Kenyon
406, Chromatic Beauty, Mimi Hollenbaugh, Pat Stya
405, Resting Under the Stars, Peggy Jorgensen
404, Mexican Star Wall Hanging, Elaine Hild
403, Hugs and Kisses for Renleigh, Evelyn Goebel
402, Flowering Snowball, Saundra Dowling
401, Four Leaf Clover, Doris DeGenova
315, Winter in the High Country, Beth Taggart
314, Pineapple Fusion, Bernadette Sullivan
313, Friendship, Kate Smith
312, Rhododendron Trail, Lucy Rognes
311, Southwest Crosses, Angela Nofziger
310, Elise Remembered, Carolyn Morris
309, Ice Cream Soda, Rachael Lambrecht
308, Memories for Grace, Nathlia Holtz
307, Putty and Mortar, Gayla Kenyon
306, Land that I Love, Patty Hoerr
305, Harmony, Louise Helton
304, Souvenir from Hattiesburg, Gerald Dunbar
303, Have a Little Faith, Jen Dietz
302, Blend of Old and New, Natalie Bir
301, Reused Blues, Carey Abraham
102, The Magic of Pictures, Shepard Mazunik
101, Rainbow Splash, Annie Mazunik

Quilts numbered 101 to 414

1304, Liberty, Cathy Zirkelbach
1303, Green Tea and Sweet Beans, Sharon Mirabella
1301, Galivanting, Donna Hankinson
1106, Mexican Stars, Barbara Pond
1105, Red Beauties, Carolyn Morris
1104, Snowman Parade, Connie LaDue
1103, Winter Visitors, Carol Haines
1102, A Quilter's Life, Jean Gibson
1101, My Flower Garden, Patricia Behncke
903, Moon Dance, Bernadette Sullivan
902, Joie de Vivre, Linda Mazunik
901, Une Nouvelle Tapisserie, Judith Ahlborn
805, Sewing is Our Superpower, Linda Mazunik
804, Triangles, Liz Lansford
803, Technicolor Yawn, Louise Helton
802, Modern Kaleidoscope, Terry Chase
801, Floating Window, Carey Abraham
707, Dream Flight, Linda Starkey
705, Gecko Extreme, Lisa McKenna
704, Fun-Key Mun-Key, Gerald Dunbar
703, It is Well With My Soul, Jen Dietz
702, Roll with the Changes, Amanda Bauer
701, Harmony with Hexagon Swirls, Michele Allen
604, Paisley Splash, Doreen Mortimer
603, The Guardian, Linda Moore
602, Comical Halloween Faces, Jean Gibson
601, My Harrison Rose, Doris DeGenova
505/1302, Bouquets for a New Day, Sharon Mirabella
504, My Autumn Garden, Kate Smith
503, Garden Party Down Under, Janet Miller
502, Flower Garden, Susann Gharst
501, Hawaiian Blocks, Emma Amundson

Quilts numbered 501 to 1304

1604, Paisley and Stripes, Cathy Zirkelbach
1604, Fans, Jan Wolfgram
1603, Olga's Crazy Quilt, Connie LaDue
1602, 3's Company, Jen Dietz (for Ginger McIlvane)
1601, Waltzing Through Thirty Years, Diana Barry
1535, Charming America, Jan Wolfgram
1534, Imagination Begins, Kate Smith
1533, Crazy for the USA, Jan Wolfgram
1532, Interwoven, Beth Taggart
1531, Tahoe, Bernadette Sullivan
1530, Hey Cowboy!, Linda Starkey
1529, Flourish, Deb Roth
1528, The Way Through the Woods, Deb Roth
1527, Party Plates, Deb Roth
1526, Muundo wa Kisanii, Barbara Pond
1525, Around the World for Mom, Doreen Mortimer
1524, My Scrappy Stash, Carolyn Morris
1523, My Grandson, Carolyn Morris
1522, Retirement Dream, Lisa McKenna
1521, Florigia, Lisa McKenna
1520, Covid Pleasures, Connie LaDue
1519, Crazy for Purple, Peggy Jorgensen
1518, Happy Fences, Peggy Jorgensen
1517, Scraps Make Me Happy, Oriana Hopp
1516, Dresden Garden, Louise Helton
1514, Odyssey of Snails, Patricia Graham
1515, Rupert, Patricia Graham
1513, Blue Ribbon Throw, Laura Eley
1512, Ode to Jen Kingwell, Michelle Davis
1511, Middle Sister, Michelle Davis
1510, Black & Tan, Michelle Davis
1509, Nancy's Mexican Star, Nancy Conklin
1508, Nancy's Kaleidoscope, Nancy Conklin
1507, Everly's Friends, Kelly Collins
1506, Solar Flare, Kelly Collins
1505, Seasons of a Pandemic, Kate Colleran
1504, My Happy Place, Jody Charmatz
1503, Ryan's Keys, Jody Charmatz
1502, Kansas Memories, Michele Allen

Quilts numbered 1502 to 1605

We are offering you the opportunity to purchase high-resolution, professional photographs of your quilt(s) that you can use to have enlargements, notecards, mugs, T-shirts and so many other items made.

Each high-resolution photo file is only $10.  Use the order form to purchase the picture of your quilt(s) entered in the FOQ.  You can only order pictures of your own quilts.  

Order your Quilt Photographs here.


Meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of each month

All meetings are streamed online

Starting in July 2023 In person meetings are held at:
Our Father Lutheran Church

6335 S Holly St, Centennial, CO


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