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Beekeeper - February 2021

February 01, 2021 2:01 PM | Carole Fronk (Administrator)

Bee Interesting 

How I wish I could ask my great-grandmother Maxfield about her quilting bee! She left behind  lovely quilts. Grandmother probably attended lots of bees, spelling bees, husking bees, barn bees. Such events were all about community and friendship as well as getting the job done. Today our bees still foster deep friendships. 

This month I would like to tell you about my bee, Stitch and Chatter. Founded in 2003 by ACQ member Joanie Rupert, our name honors her mother, Carolyn, who stitched with her friends in Ohio. From the beginning we have made Friendship quilts for one another. When one of our members is grieving or ill, we make her a comforting quilt. Usually each of us works on her own  projects, but we can’t seem resist charity work as well. Some of us are able to attend annual retreats, and all of us learn from one another. In 2016 several of our members made the ACQ Raffle Quilt. 

We are a large group so can’t welcome more ACQ members. Soon we will be meeting in homes again and space is an issue. Nevertheless, we so appreciate the inspiration ACQ gives us. What about your bee? Even if you are “closed” I would love to feature your bee here. Just  let me know. 

We may not know all the bees that are represented in our guild. Please check your profile on the website and place a check next to your bee or bees. If your bee is not listed let me know. 

I look forward to learning about the history and activities of other bees. 

Beth Taggart 


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