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Arapahoe County Quilters

Celebrating the Art of Quiltmaking for 30+ Years

President’s Message October 2022

October 02, 2022 9:00 PM | Lynn Roginski

Inflation Hits Everywhere

Prices for daily goods and services seem to be going up these days - and the quilt guild is not immune to price increases either.  There has been a lot of discussion about meeting in person versus meeting online, and the direction that the guild will be going in the future.  In our August meeting we tested out a hybrid solution, allowing for our guests to join either in person or online. Thanks to Carolyn Morris, Deb Roth, Nancy Conklin, Barb Pond and Kathy Wasilewski - this was a success!  

As we look forward, we strive to continue our mission of teaching, sharing and giving.  Part of this means being good stewards of our financial resources.  With costs going up - it now takes 37 annual members to pay for one month rental for our current in-person meeting place.  This does not include the costs to bring in a guest speaker or workshops.  Your board has looked into other recommended spaces, but have thus far not found anything suitable at a lower cost.  In 2023, we are committed to 4 in-person meetings (including the quilt show).  We are hoping that this will help fill the need for our members who prefer in-person meetings, while being cost-conscious.

We plan on continuing our pop-up events to augment our meetings, and provide member meet-ups to pick up and drop off charity quilts, newborn loss blankets, and support other events going on throughout the year.  For 2023, it will take 4 annual memberships to pay for the use of the drive-through area at our current meeting location.  We are looking for alternate locations that may be conducive to pop-ups, such as member businesses, and welcome ideas that you may have as well.

Lastly, as we look forward to 2023, we are excited to be bringing back the Festival of Quilts!  This bi-annual event was postponed due to the pandemic, and we are eager to see all the beautiful creations that our members have been up to the past several years.  More information will be forthcoming - just keep in mind that members get first chance at registering their quilts for the event!  We are hoping for a full house of lovely quilts showcasing our talented members to the greater quilting community!

Submitted by Jen Dietz, President


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