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Celebrating the Art of Quiltmaking in Denver for 30+ Years

The next guild meeting is December 9.  An evening of fun will include a presentation by Carol Wilkerson called  "A Round Robin: Is It Right for You? A Lighthearted Look at Community Quilting Projects".  Also lots of games and prizes.  Join us and wear a festive hat!  RSVP for the online meeting now.

1. Joining Zoom for the First Time

April 15, 2020 9:46 PM | June Dudley (Administrator)

It’s easy to use, but we want to make sure your experiences at the Virtual Guild Meeting and Workshop are successful. This post is for those who've never used Zoom. Be sure to also see Setting Up to Look Good on Zoom and Finding Your Way Around Zoom.

How to Join Zoom 

You may join Zoom from your computer, tablet or phone. There are more features and a larger viewing screen from your computer. 

You will get an email with a link to the Zoom meeting.  Click on that link. 

If this is your first time using Zoom, you will get a prompt to download the app. Download and install the app. Plan for extra time for your first Zoom meeting. 

Zoom will bring you into the meeting.

You may need to make selections along the way for your video and audio. 

  • You can say yes to video.
  • For audio you’ll want to select ‘computer audio’ or ‘internet audio’ as your option. 

If you get to the meeting and your video and audio are not working, look for the toolbar:

  1. Computer--mouse to the bottom for the toolbar to appear. If you have a red bar over the microphone or camera, click on them to turn them off.  

  2. Tablet or phone--tap on the screen and the toolbar will appear at top or bottom. If you have a red bar over the microphone or camera, click on them to turn them off. 

  3. If you are unmuted (no red line), and still can't talk you may need to click on that triangle next to unmute and make sure that your internal or system microphone is selected. 

Also here's a video you may find helpful if you'd prefer to watch.
Joining a Zoom Call for the First Time.

You’re in! Say hello!

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