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Celebrating the Art of Quiltmaking in Denver for 30+ Years

Upcoming ACQ events: December 8 Guild Meeting in person or via Zoom featuring End of Year Holiday festivities, 2023 Officer Installation, and Guest Speaker, Ellen Palmer. More details and register here.  

ACQ News

  • May 07, 2020 3:58 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Hello ACQ!

    Well for those of you that joined us for the Virtual Guild meeting in April I hope you enjoyed reconnecting with other members and watching Sherri Lynn Wood's Program.    She actually spoke and answered questions for 1 hour and 45 minutes.  

    Hats off to June Dudley, Carole Fronk, Cindy Monserud and Deb Roth (I hope I did not miss someone) for all their hard work getting this set up and making our first virtual meeting possible.  Those of you that were there or have viewed the video from our website will see how their preparation and production of the meeting was flawless.  

    I understand that Sherri’s two-day workshop was enjoyed by students from around the world. And that actually using the video format gave everyone a front row seat to her techniques all from the safety of their own sewing rooms.

    I’ve been making masks off and on this month and trying to really finish up my open ending list of UFO’s I should have finished last year. I’ve heard from several of you that you are getting a sewing block.  I have experienced that too.  So, I am limiting my news feed every day, practicing good hygiene, masking up when I have to go out, and learning new techniques and skills to keep me focused.  

    May is here and I am ready to start planting.  By the time you read this I should have planted over 50 day lilies and about 30 irises.  I have a steep hillside that I plan on filling with irises, so hubby doesn’t have to mow.  I’ll let you know if irises really are “deer-proof“ by the end summer.  

    Please remember to keep in touch with your sewing friends via phone or zoom (it is free App by the way) since it is so easy to use.  Let’s make sure we are there for those that may be alone and unsettled at the way the virus has overtaken our lifestyles. Our mental health and wellbeing are just as important as our physical health. If you need someone or something, reach out to me or the Board. Don’t let Cabin Fever get to you.

    I hope to see more of you on the Virtual meeting in May!


  • May 07, 2020 3:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    As I write this we are still quietly quilting in quarantine lockdown – though some of us not so quietly. We are quilters and that is what we do. We stop for only the essentials such as getting another cup of something to sip, potty breaks, and a snack to keep us going. Well, another essential task added to the list is making face masks.  

    My favorite mask pattern: Versatile Mask

    We are not able to have an in person sew day at this time.  ACQ is proposing a virtual sew day for us to connect on line. We can work on quilts and share thoughts about quilts to donate. Show and Tell for Charity Quilt would be wonderful.  We can continue what we have learned from our virtual meetings. Since May 16th ACQ does not have a workshop scheduled, we will have a virtual Charity Sew Day in its place. 

    I started the year making 9 patch blocks and last month I needed to laugh so Wonky Star Blocks made the list. I have lots of blocks and need to put them together. I suggest these patterns or anything that makes you happy.  Wonky Star Blocks from Missouri Star Quilt Company: Large Wonky Stars and Small Wonky Stars

    I have one more thing I am happy to report. Thanks to Carole and Joan I was able to exchange kits, tops and projects ready to quilt. Imagine three quilters tossing these items to each other in a parking lot. We looked good with our fancy face masks and gloves. If anyone else is in need of a Charity quilt kit or fabric, please contact me. 

    Sheila Clark 

    Charitable Quilts Committee


  • May 07, 2020 2:59 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    News from the Library Corner

    We hope you are staying healthy and practicing social distancing. Hopefully your time at home includes some fun sewing.  If you are cleaning and organizing your sewing space, please feel free to donate to the ACQ book fair any quilt books you no longer need. 

    I Hope you were impressed as much as we were with the April Zoom Meeting.  Who knew how amazing technology can be in this time of staying safe at home.  It was great to hear Sherri Lynn Wood’s presentation and seeing her great quilts.

    If you are interested in modern quilts, here are few from our library:

    A Modern Twist by Natalie Barnes

    In this book Natalie Barnes discusses the role of color in quilt design and presents instructions for thirteen quilting projects using various color combinations for quilts and home accessories.


    Zen Chic Inspired: A Guide to Modern Quilt Design by Brigitte Heitland

    Quilter and interior-design expert Brigitte Heitland shows you how to use the unique colors and decor elements in your favorite rooms to inspire quilts that will be right at home.

    • You don't have to be an interior designer to make a modern quilt that's the highlight of your living space--Brigitte explains it all.

    • Get instant inspiration with 12 patterns ranging from simple piecing to clever applique and patchwork projects.

    • Packed with photos of styled rooms with easy-to-understand color palettes for foolproof fabric selection.”

    We would still love to get your input for new books that should be purchased for the library this year. We are looking for suggestions for recent books (published in 2019 and 2020).  Please email your suggestions to Mary Rogers (mary.c.rogers@outlook.com) and Ann Roman (annroman8858@icloud.com).  We will keep you posted of our progress.

    Library Reminders:

    • Each month we feature a small selection of our library books for our members to peruse and check-out before the program meeting.  This selection changes each month.

    • A complete list of the books in the ACQ Library is available on the ACQ website by title, author and subject.  Find the Library section on the Members page. If you are interested in a particular title, please contact Mary or Ann.

    • Books can be checked out for up to 2 months.  

    • Please be sure to return books in the marked basket at the library table at the back of the room.

    • If you are a new ACQ member you may not realize that at monthly meetings several members donate quilting magazines.  These are free to members, so please be sure to check out the selection.  These are located on a table close to the library table. 

    Submitted by:  Ann Roman and Mary Rogers

  • May 07, 2020 2:58 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    On one of our beautiful, sunny days I took the opportunity to photograph the raffle quilt at Cook and Washington Parks near my home.  June and I plan on using these photos to promote online sales of the raffle tickets.  We are still planning on selling tickets at the Shop Hop in August; the Denver Sewing show has been moved to August 20th to August 23rd, 2020 at the Denver Mart; and the Holiday Market (Denver and Colorado Springs) in November/December.

    For anyone who wants to purchase raffle tickets, please send a check, a stamped self addressed envelope, self-stick return mailing labels, your email and phone number. 

     Arapahoe County Quilters
    PO Box  5357
    Englewood, CO 80155

  • May 04, 2020 7:59 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Quilt from Jen Dietz: Finally finished—a fabric portrait of my little man in his favorite color—ORANGE! Started in February at the ACQ workshop with Lea McComas, I finished stitching and binding it!

    What are you making during your time at home? Are you finishing UFOs or starting new projects? Join our Virtual Show & Tell:

    • post photos on Instagram or Facebook
    • add #ACQShowAndTell (the capitalization does not matter) to your captions

    You may also share your photos directly in ACQ’s private Facebook group, ACQ Community (members only).

    Post and follow the hashtag #ACQShowAndTell: it's the best way right now to show what you’ve been working on and to find inspiration from other guild members. 

    Browse these links to see what else has been posted:



  • April 15, 2020 10:18 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    By now you know how to join Zoom and how to set up to look good, now let's make sure you know how to navigate the features of Zoom. 

    More help troubleshooting audio problems.

    See you online soon!

  • April 15, 2020 10:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    It’s easy to use, but we want to make sure your experiences at the Virtual Guild Meeting and Workshop are successful. If you've never used Zoom, see Joining Zoom for the First Time.

    Device. For the best experience, we recommend you use the largest screen you have. It will be the best front row seat you’ve ever had at a guild meeting.  While Zoom certainly works on phones, it will be a smaller screen and will feel more like you’re sitting toward the back of the room. If you're on a phone or tablet, turn it to landscape mode to move into a middle row.

    Connection. Use the best Internet connection you can. See this article for technical details. (https://wiki.millersville.edu/display/instructdocs/Improving+your+Zoom+connection)

    Lighting. Try to have lighting low in front of you so that your face is well lit. Overhead lights will cast shadows on your face. 

    Camera. Have your camera close to or slightly above eye level. If you are using a laptop you may wish to set it on top of books or boxes. 

    Earbuds. It can be helpful for those who are attending if you use headphones or earbuds—this helps to eliminate background noise and distractions. 

    Background. Prep the background that will be visible behind you--let’s see lots of favorite quilts! 

    And here's a video that shows how some of these affect your set up—it's especially good to see how different light affects how you look: How to Look Good on Zoom.

    Be sure to also see the post Finding Your Way Around Zoom.

  • April 15, 2020 9:46 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    It’s easy to use, but we want to make sure your experiences at the Virtual Guild Meeting and Workshop are successful. This post is for those who've never used Zoom. Be sure to also see Setting Up to Look Good on Zoom and Finding Your Way Around Zoom.

    How to Join Zoom 

    You may join Zoom from your computer, tablet or phone. There are more features and a larger viewing screen from your computer. 

    You will get an email with a link to the Zoom meeting.  Click on that link. 

    If this is your first time using Zoom, you will get a prompt to download the app. Download and install the app. Plan for extra time for your first Zoom meeting. 

    Zoom will bring you into the meeting.

    You may need to make selections along the way for your video and audio. 

    • You can say yes to video.
    • For audio you’ll want to select ‘computer audio’ or ‘internet audio’ as your option. 

    If you get to the meeting and your video and audio are not working, look for the toolbar:

    1. Computer--mouse to the bottom for the toolbar to appear. If you have a red bar over the microphone or camera, click on them to turn them off.  

    2. Tablet or phone--tap on the screen and the toolbar will appear at top or bottom. If you have a red bar over the microphone or camera, click on them to turn them off. 

    3. If you are unmuted (no red line), and still can't talk you may need to click on that triangle next to unmute and make sure that your internal or system microphone is selected. 

    Also here's a video you may find helpful if you'd prefer to watch.
    Joining a Zoom Call for the First Time.

    You’re in! Say hello!

    Be sure to also see these two posts:

  • April 04, 2020 1:10 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Greetings from ACQ President Terry Chase. Here's what Arapahoe County Quilters is planning for our virtual connections in April, 2020 since we can't meet together.

    Links mentioned in the video:

    April 16 • 6:30 pm  MDT • April Guild Meeting with Guest Speaker Sherri Lynn Wood

    April 17-18 • 10 am - 3 pm MDT • April Workshop with Sherri Lynn Wood

    Zoom Practice Sessions

    Face Masks: Making Face Masks for Front Line Workers

    ACQ Member Director (members only: sign in with your password to access)

  • April 04, 2020 1:08 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    It’s easy to use, but we want to make sure your experience at the Virtual Guild Meeting and Workshop is successful. Here are three different opportunities for you to practice Zoom and say hello to some other ACQ members. 

    Register for one or more of these times (free) and we’ll send you a link before the meeting. You should be able to use your computer, tablet or phone. Viewing on your phone will be small. 

    • Tues 4/7 11 am to 12 pm: Hello ACQ 1—pop in to say hello and learn how zoom works for the virtual guild meeting and workshop. Sign up.

    • Thurs 4/9 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm: The Wanna Bees—if you’re not in a bee but you want to check in with other ACQ members—pop in to say hello and learn how zoom works. No commitment, but perhaps some will want to continue meeting regularly. Led by Mary Papich, ACQ Beekeeper. Sign up.

    • Tuesday 4/14 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm: Hello ACQ 2—pop in to say hello and learn how zoom works for the virtual guild meeting and workshop. Sign up.

    Does Your Bee Want to Use Zoom? If you’re in a bee and would like to learn more about hosting a Zoom meeting, let June know. We’ve already got several bees who are meeting this way and they’ll all enjoying this chance to check in and spend time with each other.


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