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Arapahoe County Quilters

Celebrating the Art of Quiltmaking in Denver for 30+ Years

Join us for our December Holiday Celebration and Potluck, Thursday December 14 at 6:15pm.  Lots of fun and fellowship planned for the evening.   See all the details here.

ACQ News

  • October 28, 2020 2:00 PM | Anonymous

    In these challenging times it is good to remember “Happiness is what you make of it.” We make quilts and I thank ACQ members for helping the Charitable Quilts Committee in so many ways including:

    Emails with suggestions and questions

    • Meet ups at the hardware store
    • Drop offs at my house
    • Requests for items to be picked up
    • Participation in the Drive Ups and Community Sews

    Please continue these acts of kindness to help our quilts find new homes and share that happiness with others.  This year has been one of the more challenging years in my lifetime and I am not alone in expressing this feeling.  I am lucky and grateful to have a roof over my head and that is the main reason why Charitable Quilts has donated quilts to homeless shelters for women.

    Another 20 quilts were delivered to Sinton’s Sanctuary.

    Sheila Clark
    Charitable Quilts Committee

  • October 01, 2020 5:23 PM | Anonymous

    Happy October ACQ members,

    Quilters are so generous, as we all know.  Nancy Conklin is helping me with the 3 t-shirt quilts made from my friend’s late husband’s shirts, that we hope to have in the mail around Halloween.  It is so much fun to have a sewing partner in the room, I almost forgot what it is like to sew and talk.  The Zoom sewing Bees help to fill that void and I hope you have dialed in and participated in our meetups or with others online if you can’t meet in person.

    Are you all still sewing and crafting away while we continue to shelter at home.  I finally have some time to make those Halloween table runners and candle rugs.  Not like I need to buy any fabric…I just go shopping in my Stash.  That however, is not what my husband calls it.

    I hope many of you came out for the “Drive Through” in September.  I have noticed the generosity of our Guild members at these two events. And I have seen the membership step up to making masks.  I think a few of you went above and beyond on the mask making, but I know they have all been appreciated.   The Board send all of you a very heartfelt THANK YOU.  

    In September you voted in a new slate of Officers, but we are still in need of a VP for Membership.  So please look in your heart and see if you can carve out some time to support the Guild.  Your new officers are brimming with ideas for next year and they have come up with some very exciting ideas for 2021.

    Little did we all know that voting in a Communication officer last year would become so critical in 2020.  June Dudley and Carole Fronk have done so much to keep you engaged and informed this year.  Many of you may not realize that other guilds have been asking their advice on how to do what they do for you every month.   They have kept us on the cutting edge of technology and have striven so hard to try and keep everyone engaged.  

    Keep smiling and sewing.  

    Terry Chase

  • October 01, 2020 5:13 PM | Anonymous

    Thank you to the ACQ members who donated and/or purchased books at our virtual book fair. Almost all of the books from the first round have been purchased; however, there are still a few books remaining for purchase. 

    Thank you for the additional donated books at the September 26 event. We will post these on the blog page and these books will be available for purchase. We hope to have the blog updated early in October and our virtual book fair will end October 31.  We plan on having another drive through event in late October so plan on picking up your books then or email Ann Roman to make other arrangements.

    Some reminders for the virtual book fair:

    • The book fair will run through October 31.
    • All books are $1.00 each.
    • If you see a book you would like to purchase, provide a comment to the blog post (use the Reply button in the Comments section) and the book is yours.

    More information on this process is available on the book fair blog web page.

    If you have any questions, please contact Ann Roman or Mary Rogers.

    Happy shopping, happy reading and happy quilting!

    Submitted by: Ann Roman and Mary Rogers

  • October 01, 2020 5:08 PM | Anonymous

    Do you have some orphan blocks hanging around your sewing room?  

    In preparation for next year  , please start gathering orphan blocks. We would love for you to donate these to the guild for use in a fun project challenge that is coming next year! Blocks can be dropped off at an upcoming “drive-through”, or mailed to Jen Dietz.

    Also thinking about next year, we are planning a fun challenge involving panels. If you have panels that you would like to donate, please contact Nancy Conklin or Lynn Roginski.

  • October 01, 2020 4:56 PM | Anonymous

    Lynn Roginski needs your help identifying the best programs and workshops to book for 2021 and 2022.  Please email her with your responses.

    Email Lynn

  • October 01, 2020 4:45 PM | Anonymous

    Thank you very much for filling my car up at the last drive through event on September 26, 2020.  We collected 28 completed quilts and ACQ members picked up 18 quilt to bind, 12 to quilt and 12 kits to piece.  Yay!!!!

    After a couple of quilt deliveries to the Irving Women’s Residence they told me about a new place that first opened in July 2020. I walked into the Sinton’s Sanctuary, signed in at the front desk and looked to my left to see numerous twin beds waiting for colorful quilts. As you can see in the photo Case Manager Torri is already showing love and appreciation.


    Please contact me by email so we can arrange a pick up for blocks, kits, tops, fabric or completed quilts.

    Sheila Clark

    Charitable Quilts Committee

  • September 01, 2020 2:33 PM | Anonymous

    Happy September ACQ members!

    As I type this, the smoke from the fires here and in California has obscured any view of the mountains from my Sewing Lair. I feel like I have gravel in my eyes and a really raspy voice.  I pray for rain every night.   

    You will see in the newsletter, that we have another drive through event in September.  This time it is on a Saturday at the church so even you working stiffs might be able to come by and say hi.  Bring your Charity and CPNL quilts.  I hope you can also take some kits for CPNL and charity quilts to finish at your leisure.  Working hard here to have all 6 of my charity quilts ready by then.   Look at the Book sale in the "Members Only" area, buy some, and come pick them up at the drive through event.  You can drop off donated books if you have been cleaning your library.  Buy some raffle tickets or drop off checks and stubs at this drive through event too!

    I just got a call from an old friend in NC asking me to make 3 t-shirt quilts out of her late husband’s Harley collection.  She wants them as Christmas gifts for the grandchildren.  So, you know that will get bumped up on my list.  I haven’t made a t-shirt quilt in many years.  I hope I have enough to make one for my friend as well.  So now I am in full gear to make my plate clean for when her t-shirts arrive. 

    I missed the Charity sew this month.  Funny how that one day a month gets me so energized.  But I did attend my bees Quilting retreat.  4 days with no cooking and all sewing.  We were the only overnight guests at the facility, wore masks in the common area….but really we just sewed and laughed.  Good times for our souls.   

    Elections, I still need a volunteer for VP Membership and VP Programs for 2021.   If you are interested, please let me or one of the Board members know ASAP. 

    Keep smiling and sewing.   

    Terry Chase 

  • August 31, 2020 6:16 PM | Anonymous

    We had a wonderful Community Sew Day August 16th and have another one scheduled for Sunday September 27, 2020 11:30 am to 3:30 pm.   Please join us to share stories and your love of quilting.

    Our “Drive-Thru” was very successful and I look forward to seeing you at the next one on Saturday September 26, 2020 10 am to noon.  I am impressed that so many of our ACQ members also meet up at the Ace Hardware store on Colorado Blvd /Yale and our houses.

    In preparation for our next “Drive-Thru” if you are looking for something specific to do please let me know by email. This was part of the success of the first “Drive-Thru” and we can keep it going for September.  It was fun to hear from our wonderful fellow ACQ members by email or phone with specific requests such as 4 quilts to bind, 2 kits to piece, or 3 quilts to quilt. Of course I will have options ready for you to look through and pick what works for you. 

    I would like to thank the members who did help with Charity Quilts this month: Sue, Mary, Barb, Jen, Beth, Peggy, Terry, Joan, Barb, Linda, Kathy, Carla, Lynn, Candy, Anne, Nathlia, Jan, Carole and Quilters DENver Bee.

    I am pleased to report that more quilts were donated to the Irving Street Women’s Residence.  

    Sheila Clark 

    Charitable Quilts Committee

  • August 31, 2020 1:08 PM | Anonymous

    Get Involved, Use Your Skills and Make New Friends Because ACQ Needs You

    Join our dynamic board that gets meaningful things done—and has fun at the same time! Officer elections will be held at the September meeting.

    We are an organization that is a success because of our volunteers. If there are no volunteers then our guild will not continue to thrive in the future.

    Many of you have volunteered during your earlier years of membership and we appreciate that. Now is the time for those of who haven't been able to help out in the past to see if you can fit in stepping up and helping out the guild at this time in your life. Or perhaps you're ready to come back to a new role or serve again.

    The Process
    Last year we updated our bylaws so that next year's slate is submitted at the August board meeting, published in the September newsletter, and voted on at the September meeting. This gives incoming board members time for training before assuming their duties in January. For more details, see Article VII in the bylaws, available from a link on the Members-Only page (password required).

    Critical Vacancies on the Ballot
    That time is just a few short weeks away and we still need two people to serve in the following positions:

    We are looking for someone to run for Vice President of Programs 2022 and Vice President of Membership 2022. This is a two year commitment, supporting 2021 programs/membership and chairing 2022 programs/membership. 

    Please think about helping out and, if you have any questions, please let Terry Chase know. 

    Thanks to the following folks that have volunteered to run for positions in 2021:

    • President, Jen Dietz
    • Vice-President, Carole Fronk
    • Secretary, Barb Pond (continuing)
    • Treasurer, Jan Wolfgram (continuing)

  • August 30, 2020 6:21 PM | Anonymous

    The raffle quilt is hanging up at Wooden Spools with high hopes of selling some tickets!  For those who frequent this shop, you can always buy more tickets here. 

    There will also be more tickets available at our drive through event on Saturday, September 26th, 2020 from 10 am to noon. You can also drop off cash or checks and your stubs on that day for the earlier ticket mailing to members. Pick more up to sell to your family and friends!  The odds are "ever in your favor" this year since there have been no events to sell tickets at.  I am still hoping for the Sewing and Craft Festival at the end of October and the Holiday Market at the Western Stock Show in November.  Fingers crossed!!!!


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