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Arapahoe County Quilters

Celebrating the Art of Quiltmaking in Denver for 30+ Years

Next monthly Guild Meeting: Thursday October 12 All are welcome to join us for this special OPEN HOUSE meeting.  Special Open House activities start at 5:30 PM.  Meeting is in person at Our Father Lutheran Church, 6335 S Holly St, Centennial and LIVE STREAMED on Zoom. 

Next workshop is online Saturday October 21, Half Day Workshop 9 -12 with Sheri Noel, of Rebecca Mae Designs, Making Madawaska Mittens.

ACQ's Online Auction Fundraiser runs from October 12 through October 22.  Fall 2023 Online Auction Fundraiser

ACQ News

  • August 02, 2020 1:01 PM | Anonymous


    Thanks to Jan W. for suggesting Irving Street Women’s Residence as place to donate our charity quilts. I knew the quilts would be appreciated when I saw Manager Courtney Fischer’s face light up as we moved 18 quilts from a large suitcase to the table in the entry way. I think I heard residents “ooohh and ahhhh.” 

    We had a wonderful Community Sew Day July 12th  with nearly 20 people zooming in for all or part of the day.

    We have another one scheduled for Sunday August 16, 2020 11:30 am to 4:00 pm. Here's the link to the next sew day: August Community Sew Day Please come for a fun afternoon of sewing and conversation.

    Thank you to Beth and Nathlia for the demonstration of faux piping binding. I wonder what we will learn in August?  Does anyone have a suggestion for our next charity blocks? Any new techniques we should be learning?

    Please send me a message so we can arrange a pick up for blocks, kits, tops, fabric or completed quilts. 

    Sheila Clark 

    Charitable Quilts Committee

  • August 02, 2020 1:00 PM | Anonymous

    Thanks to everyone for showing up at the drive-through event on Tuesday, July 28th!  It was wonderful to see people's masked faces and I know that charity quilts, CPNLS, and the librarians were pleased with their collections.  I collected lots of raffle tickets and handed out many.  The bin is still barely full so there are many chances available to win our lovely quilt.  

    On Wednesday, July 22nd, I mailed raffle tickets to everyone who had not picked up tickets at the February meeting or written in since to get tickets.  As of the drive through event on the 28th, no one had received the tickets which was very, very disappointing.  Not to fret!  We will be having another drive through event in September but on a Saturday this time.  We just need to arrange a time and date with the church.

    Thanks again!

    Carole Fronk

  • July 05, 2020 10:38 PM | Anonymous

    It has been difficult to sell raffle tickets this year though I have high hopes for the quilt shop hop in August and the Quilt, Craft and Sewing Festival at the end of October.  I will be setting up a schedule for volunteers for the quilt shop hop (Saturdays only) which will be happening through the month of August.  

    For anyone who wants to purchase raffle tickets, please send a check, a stamped self addressed envelope, self-stick return mailing labels, your email and phone number. 

     Arapahoe County Quilters
    PO Box  5357
    Englewood, CO 80155

  • July 05, 2020 10:16 PM | Anonymous

    Hello Members,

    I hope you get to enjoy the 4th of July with a few friends and family with social distancing to stay safe.  As I write this in June, Covid cases are on the rise again with the loosening of restrictions.  Our son is stuck in Canada so we will not get to see him this Summer.  Thank goodness for Messenger and Facetime.

    The Board met in June and decided to postpone the 2021 Festival of Quilts until 2022.  So, you now have more time to create your masterpieces and have them ready for the 2022 show.  Nathlia Holtz is still looking for a co-chair and committee chairs. So please considering volunteering early and help Nathlia make 2022 a success. 

    Elections are coming up so if you are interested in volunteering for a Board position, let me or someone on the Board know of your desires. 

    I can’t wait to see all of you in person.  But so happy to see the attendance we do get on the zoom guild meetings.  No news on when in person gathering will be allowed, so even if you can’t attend the Zoom Meeting the meeting is available via the site.  Just log in as a member and it is there for you to enjoy.

    Even after we get back to normal, we will still be doing some form of sewing days via zoom.  I have really enjoyed sewing with friends from my own house.  Our Charity Sew days have been a fun way to get together and make tops and we have had great attendance at the sessions.  There has been a suggestion to have a virtual quilting retreat. The Board and Committee members will start planning that for the fall with fun projects and some great teachers. 

    The Board and Committees are interested in your comments and feedback.  So please let us know what we can do to improve your ACQ experience.


    Terry Chase

  • July 05, 2020 10:00 PM | Anonymous

    We had a wonderful Charity Sew day June 13th and have another time scheduled for Sunday July 12, 2020 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. Nearly 20 people zoomed in again for all or part of the day. Some of us worked on the suggested blocks and others worked on sewing more masks. It seems many ACQ members do their own charity work and we never hear about it. I would love to know the total number of masks sewn by members. The rough count from the Charity Sew day participants was over 4,000 masks.

    Several ACQ members met a few times to exchange kits, quilt tops and completed quilts. Thank you to Katie, Beth, Joan, Carole, Barb, Nathlia, Carla and Peggy.
    I am also pleased to report that 25 masks and 10 quilts were delivered to Sacred Heart House. Please contact me by email so we can arrange a pick up for blocks, kits, tops, fabric or completed quilts.

    Sheila Clark
    Charitable Quilts Committee

  • June 22, 2020 7:06 PM | Anonymous

    With this pandemic we find ourselves in a new world with new challenges.  ACQ; however, continues to thrive. While we can’t meet in person, we can still learn, share and smile at our virtual program meetings, teas and sew-alongs.

    We are starting to plan regarding the ACQ book sale. Normally we hold this at our October meeting.  This year will be different and we will need to do something new.  Many books have already been donated and we would like ACQ members to have the opportunity to review and add books to your personal library.  The Board is currently brainstorming ways to make a book sale happen virtually.  We will definitely keep you informed as we finalize plans.  In the meantime, if you have books you wish to donate, please contact Ann Roman at or or Mary Rogers at to make arrangements to donate.

  • June 22, 2020 2:53 PM | Anonymous

    Hello from ACQ Members! We learned how to use annotate on Zoom this month and were able to play Pictionary in small groups.

    Then we discovered that we can use the Annotate feature in Zoom to crowdsource quilting ideas for a quilt top! What fun--and so helpful to have ideas from a variety of quilters. 

    If you would like to use the ACQ Zoom account for your bee or another ACQ activity, please contact ACQ Secretary Barb Pond. If no one else is using it at that time, you'd be welcome to use it. 

    We took a poll to discover what people would like to learn through ACQ events and activities.

    We had lots of Show and Tell.

    Vicki Skigen from Wooden Spools showed us what's going on at her store. See the Business Member Spotlight for more info.

    We met ACQ member Patricia Graham and heard how she got started quilting. See the Member Spotlight for more info (password required).

    It was a fun, jam-packed, inspiring meeting!

    Here's what's coming up in July:

    Kim Lapacek will be sharing her journey: Wildly Careening into Quilts!

    Submit your Show & Tell photos and Nominate a Member for a future spotlight: details on the Members-Only page (password required).

    Please register now: it will help us prepare ahead of time. Door prizes will be chosen from registered participants. The Zoom link will be sent by email to those who register. Members register for free. Guests register for $8.

    Register for the July meeting

  • June 13, 2020 3:42 PM | Anonymous

    Vicki Skigen from Wooden Spools gave us a tour of her shop. 

    Shop in the store or order online. Make an appointment for private shopping, order for pickup or shipping. 

    Look: elastic in stock! Fabric galore, including hand-dyes from Cherrywood, batiks, prints, solids and more. You’ll find fresh, current, new fabrics and “revived” fabrics at reduced prices. 

    What is revived fabric? Wooden Spools buys back quilt shop quality fabric that you no longer want that someone else will want to buy.  Read details here about selling your fabric:

    Wooden Spools also has lots of yarn for knitters and crocheters.

    2805 S Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113
    Current hours are 11-3 daily

    Comments from the chat during our tour:

    • Wooden Spools is a wonderful shop!  There are great people working there - so friendly and helpful!
    • LOVE Wooden Spools! ❤️❤️❤️
    • ELASTIC/???...I’ll see you tomorrow
    • I bought 18 Yards of black the other day!
    • my mom in Houston just ordered from Wooden Spools and got it in 2 days. 
    • I’m in western Oregon. I placed an order from Wooden Spools on a Friday afternoon and got my package on Monday. I sure do miss visiting the store but am glad I can still "shop" there remotely.
    • Great service!
    • How thoughtful to have shopping by appointment especially for those needing extra care/distance in these days.
    • I need a shopping day
    • Cherrywood—yummy hand-dyed!
    • That was a great tour!

    Refer to the Business Member Directory for more great resources. 

  • June 01, 2020 11:00 PM | Anonymous

    Hello ACQ Members in Quarantine,

    I really enjoyed our May speaker, Deborah Boschert, and seeing examples of her work and her personal philosophy. The recording of the May meeting is available for members on the Members-only page of our website through June 10. We all have a reason to quilt, our personal favorite colors and patterns or symbols that mean something to us.  I thought her works displayed an oriental serenity. I can’t get over how it seems like a one or one instruction from the lecturer.  And no more craning your neck to see what is going on.  So, in short, I hope to see more of you this month.

    This month is our Show and Tell Extravaganza.  So, follow the directions to get your Show and Tell into the program.  There are going to be breakout rooms to chat with members, games and tons of fun. Plus we'll be announcing the Quarantine Bingo winners, so turn your card in by June 10.  

    I broke out of my sewing block….”How? You might ask.....I attended my first Charity Sew on Zoom. A virtual sewing with 20 or so participants. Everyone was making wonky stars except me.  I had something I wanted to try. But as blocks were completed, they were shown to the group and the enthusiasm and camaraderie I got that day was all the difference in the world. Just what I needed to finish a quilt on my new Statler and get back into piecing. And all from the comfort of my own home, with my machine and stuff I did not have to schlep to a different location. I strongly recommend you think about attending the next one or at least check up on your fellow quilters. Come visit us in June at the Community Sew and get Recharged!

    I finished the first quilt on my Statler yesterday and have the next one loaded and ready to start on tomorrow. The shut-down occurred right after I got her, and not being able to attend classes in person, I had to resort to online tutorials. I’m catching on to some things but would really appreciate that in person attention. I am keeping a list of items I am having trouble with, so I am ready when they open.

    Also, the ACQ Zoom account is available to anyone in the guild that would like to host a virtual sewing group. I am in the Parker Bag Ladies every Tuesday. Send a note to Barb Pond and she will get you started.

    Also, on our members-only Facebook Community page, when someone finds a video, class or retreat on the computer that you could attend online, the links are being posted. If you find an interesting post or museum tour please post that.I watched a wonderful 5 part video from the Victoria and Albert Museum on “Kimono”. 30 minutes and I saw beautiful textiles from 300 plus years. I’m going to go back and see what they have on Quilts.

    So, stay positive. If anyone needs to talk or vent, I have my phone, so give me a call.

    Yours Truly,

    Terry Chase

  • June 01, 2020 8:00 PM | Anonymous

    We had a wonderful Charity Sew day in May. Nearly 20 people zoomed in for all or part of the day including 3 people from 2 different Michigan quilt guilds. We laughed, shared tips, and viewed blocks. It was so successful we are ready to try it again after our New Member Tea June 13, 2020. Last month we did Wonky Star block and this month we are going to work on a block we talked about during the online sew time. The block is called Quatrefoil and looks like a flower or a four leaf clover. Quatrefoil means good luck and we could all use some in this challenging time. 

    Our completed quatrefoil quilts will spread good luck to the participants who receive help from Sacred Heart House. I plan to work with purple and green floral prints.

    Please contact me by email so we can arrange a pick up for blocks, tops and or completed quilts. 

    Links are posted here if you missed out on the Wonky Star block from last month. 

    Sheila Clark 

    Charitable Quilts Committee


Meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of each month

All meetings are streamed online

Starting in July 2023 In person meetings are held at:
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