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Arapahoe County Quilters

Celebrating the Art of Quiltmaking in Denver for 30+ Years

The ACQ July Guild Meeting - Show Me! An Online Trunk Show of Rare and Historic Quilts will be on zoom.  You'll get a front row seat as Julie Silber shares some of the greatest antique quilts ever made.  Register here.

ACQ News

  • October 02, 2021 6:44 PM | Lynn Roginski (Administrator)

    After a resounding success of the Spring Online Auction 2021, the Fall Online Auction 2021 is on its way! The Fall Auction includes fall and holiday items including quilts of many sizes, table runners and toppers, handmade bags, a bag class and Collectors Editions of  Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks magazine.  All of the beautiful items are donated by members like you knowing that they will bring delight to their new owners; only one of the reasons we practice this art. 

    Photos and descriptions of items will be posted in advance on October 14 to 16 with the auction going live October 17 to 24. Help us spread the word about this event to your friends near and far using your personal social media accounts. 

    Here is a sampling of the items that have been donated.  

  • October 02, 2021 4:48 PM | Lynn Roginski (Administrator)

    Excellent News!. The Stitchin’ in Aurora Bee delivered numerous quilts to Clermont Commons. Please see the amazing pictures. Thank you so much to the Stitchin’ in Aurora Bee and ACQ members who made these wonderful quilts. The photos also answer the question, “What kind of quilts does ACQ donate?” These are only examples as not all of our donations go to veteran’s causes. You can see other examples by coming to the next Drive Thru scheduled for October 30, 2021. We are getting ready with more kits for you piecers and more quilt sandwiches for quilting or binding.

    Be sure to join us for the October Guild meeting for a short presentation by Dorotha Cicchinelli with the Colorado Pregnancy & Newborn Loss Services (CPNLS). It is sure to be informative. 

    If you have any ideas, suggestions or questions about Charity activities in ACQ, please do not hesitate to email me.  

    Submitted by Sheila Clark, VP Charitable Activities, 2022

  • October 02, 2021 12:45 PM | Lynn Roginski (Administrator)

    JANUARY Candace Grisham

    • Lecture– 13th “Dresden Reimagined” – Candy shares her journey with the Dresden block into the modern quilt world, art quilts, and publishing.  Includes a Trunk Show with photos and instruction.
    • Workshop – 15th “Modern Dresden – 5 Different Finishes” – A modern update for making a variety of Dresden designs using 5 different variations of edge finishes. The size and design variations are endless! Designed to be a technique class, you will determine how many plates, sizes, and finishes you desire as you create your own fiber art piece.  A fun and creative workshop!

    NoteThis is a two-part workshop.  Part 2, a Show-and-Tell, will be held on February 26th.

    • Challenge– Our challenge for entries into this years Festival of Quilts will be announced at our Guild Meeting on January 13th!

    FEBRUARY Connie Martin

    • Lecture 10th “Pre-Civil War Quilts: Secret Codes to Freedom (Underground Railroad) This historical presentation featuring slides, storytelling and a display of hand-crafted quilt replicas will explain how abolitionists and fugitive slaves used quilt patterns and special stitching to signify escape routes to freedom.  Connie tells the fascinating family stories of how these quilt codes were used by her ancestors, a 6th generation descendant of captured American slaves.

    MARCH Annette Ornelas

    • Lecture 10th “Dimensional Curved Piecing” - Join Annette as she transports you into another quilting dimension.  See how piecing curves can be as easy as sewing a straight line! Lecture consists of a trunk show of numerous quilts and samples.   
    • Workshop – 12th“Mexican Stars Wall-Hanging” – Using Annette’s technique, learn how to easily achieve curved results with straight-line piecing as you construct this easy but complex looking design.  This technique will add a great dimensional look to your quilts!

    APRIL Scarlett Rose

    • Lecture – 14thA Look at Modern Celtic Quilting” – Besides Celtic knotwork, see how bias tape appliqué can be used by modern and art quilters.
    • Workshop – 16th“New Circuitry” - Learn how to make your own bias tape and where to place contrasting insets as you make a small quilt project.  See how you can mix-and-match any of the five borders from the pattern to make your own personal variation or adapt these Celtic borders to complement patchwork!

    MAY Kelly Gallagher Abbott (Lecture) and Lisa Walton (Workshop)

    • Lecture – 12th“The Cutting Edge” – Kelly Gallagher Abbott, of Jukebox Quilts, will show many innovative techniques, tools, gadgets, and tricks.  This talk is rich with information about what judges are looking for and how to correct the most seen areas of weakness.  Learn new hints that are guaranteed to save time and increase accuracy and success. This lecture includes a slide presentation and brief trunk show.
    • Workshop – 14th and 21st“Fantastic Fusible Improv” – Join Lisa Walton from Sydney, Australia as she teaches you basic color and design principles using fusible web and cutting and layering fabrics to create fun improvised quilting that would be difficult to do using traditional piecing techniques.  You’ll also learn an easy but professional facing technique for your quilt.  This is a fun, and freeing, two-part workshop!

    JUNE Tuffet Class

    • No Lecture/No Meeting - QUILT SHOW!! 
    • Workshop– 18th and 25th –Cathy Burk, a certified Tuffet Source™ instructor, will teach how to make an 18” upholstered footstool in this fun two-part class.  Once you’ve made one, you’ll want to make more!  Limited to only 12 participants, so sign up early so you don’t miss out! 

    JULY - Julie Silber

    • Lecture – 14th - “Show Me! An Online Trunk Show of Rare and Historic Quilts” – As a long-time collector, curator, and caretaker of several quilt collections, Julie has access to some of the greatest antique quilts ever made.  Join us in this fascinating lecture featuring stories and backgrounds behind these extraordinary historic quilts, some of them never published or exhibited before.

    AUGUSTMarci Baker (Workshop)

    • No Lecture (Speaker) – 11th -Guild Meeting TBD
    • Workshop– 13th“Stack ‘n Cut Hexagon Quilts”– Learn this simple technique of stacking layers and cutting pieces from large, high-contrast prints as 6 identical triangles come together to create a kaleidoscope or millefiori design.  Make beautiful quilts with these exciting techniques!

    SEPTEMBERMaria Shell 

    • Lecture – 8th“Traditional, Art, Modern-Notes from the Field” – Maria will share her personal journey from traditional to abstract art quilts that look modern.  She will share some fun historical facts about all three genres, and what it means to be a 21st Century quilter.
    • Workshop – 10th and 11th“Making Prints” – Learn how to piece an assortment of prints-stripes, dots, tracks, and plaids. While building these new units, students will be given information about working with solid-colored fabrics, improvisational piecing techniques, and ideas for taking these techniques and creating original quilts.

    OCTOBER Swan Sheridan

    • Lecture – 13th “Color Theory Applied-Fabric Collecting and Usage” - Join us in this lecture with Swan which includes a showing of 30 or more quilts and focuses on building and utilizing a color stash in both modern and traditional quilting designs.
    • Workshop - 15th“Shattered Blossoms / Fractured Flowers” – Learn how to fuse 4 large flowers, quarter them into sections, and appliqué them by exploring the decorative stitches on your machine. Learn how to trim down the blocks to the right size and reassemble them using a variation on the “quilt-as-you-go” method.

    NOVEMBER Shelly Cavanna

    • Lecture – 10th“Modern Mosaic Quilts” – Shelly will share the story of her design evolution as a self-taught quilter to her current love for mosaic style quilts.  This lecture shows the progression of how she developed her signature mosaic style in making stunning quilts which look complex but are simple for quilters of all skill levels.
    • Workshop – 12th“Aurora Quilt” – Learn Shelley’s techniques, tips, and tricks for making these dreamy, mosaic-inspired nine-patch blocks.  Use her favorite Stitch + Flip techniques and your favorite fat quarter bundle to make this truly stunning quilt…simply!


    • No Lecture (Speaker) – 8th -Guild Meeting TBD
    • No Workshop

    Programs and workshops for this year will be a hybrid mixture of LIVE vs. ZOOM, depending on restrictions that could incur from Covid or any other unforeseeable circumstances.  All workshops are scheduled on Saturdays to accommodate our working members.  

    Please support your ACQ Guild and our scheduled speakers by taking their workshops.  Thank you!

    Submitted by Kathy Wasilewski, VP Programs 2022

  • October 02, 2021 12:06 PM | Lynn Roginski (Administrator)

    This year, ACQ is offering two Workshop Package Bundles so that members will have the opportunity to enjoy more workshops at a discounted price!  You will have the choice of selecting one of two different packages.  Each of these packages offer great savings and allow you to get more "bang" for your buck.

    WORKSHOP BUNDLE- 5 - This package will allow members to take 5 workshops for $200.00 instead of the individual cost of $250.00.  This is a savings to you of $10.00 per workshop, or $50.00 total.  Think of it as paying for 4 workshops.... with the 5th one at no cost to you!!

    Note:  The Tuffet Workshop in June will require using 2 of your 5 credits to be applied to this workshop since it is a Special Event that is being offered at a slightly higher cost than our regular Early Bird pricing.  You have the choice of either applying your 5th credit to this workshop, taking 5 different classes, or taking 5 different classes and paying full price for the Tuffet Workshop.  The choice is up to you.

    WORKSHOP BUNDLE - 9 - This package allows members to take ALL 9 workshops at a much deeper discount, and the Tuffet Class is included as 1 of your classes!  Members will pay $420.00 for this package instead of $490.00....a savings to you of $70.00!!  


    • Those who wish to purchase a Package Bundle MUST sign-up in advance during our Enrollment Period of October 15, 2021 - November 12, 2021.  Payment is due at this time.
    • ACQ members may review each workshop on the Calendar at our  website.  The workshops will be open for viewing during this time.
    • ACQ members wishing to sign up will fill out the form linked on the Event after payment has been made to select which classes they wish to take.  This must be done regardless of whether the signup is for the 5 or 9 Workshop Bundle and must be received during the Enrollment period. 
    • Those who purchase the Workshop Bundles will be added immediately to each Workshop that they selected.  This guarantees their spot above all other registrations.... especially on those classes which are limited in attendance. (Note:  The Tuffet Workshop is limited to only 12 students)
    • No cancellations or refunds.  Should you be unable to attend a workshop that you registered for, you are welcome to sell your workshop spot to another ACQ member.  Any changes must be approved by the 2022 Program Chairman.

    Please note - These packages are optional.  ACQ members may still sign-up individually for any classes that they wish to take; however, you will not be receiving any class savings other than the Early Bird Discount.

    Should you have any questions, please contact your VP Programs 2022, Kathy Wasilewski.

    Submitted by Kathy Wasilewski, VP Programs 2022

  • October 01, 2021 9:10 PM | Lynn Roginski (Administrator)
    The Sew What's New Bee was started on June 5, 2007 with 5 members. Only 2 of those 5 are still with us. By 2012 we had added 8 more members including myself. However, one of our members died last year and one moved away. We are a very busy Bee and enjoy creating new quilts and learning new things. In December of 2015 we revealed the new raffle quilt for ACQ. We had all worked together for several months to make a Judy Niemeyer quilt called “Flowers for my Wedding”. 

    We did not meet during COVID except via Zoom meetings. We are just now starting to meet in person again. We meet the first Tuesday of the month in the evening. We bring show n tell and talk about new things we’re working on. We like to have a specific topic for each meeting and we have had many group projects throughout the years. We have one sew day per year and we often work on charity quilts during that time. We’re always looking for new inspiration and we love learning new techniques. 

    Submitted by Deb Geissler 

  • October 01, 2021 8:53 PM | Lynn Roginski (Administrator)

    We are so excited to share that ACQ’s annual book sale will be Saturday October 30.  The sale will take place at First Plymouth Congregational Church in the library (not the meeting hall that we normally meet in).  The book fair will run from 10:00 – 12:00.  We appreciate the Church’s cooperation in allowing us to hold the book fair in person this year.

    The books in the sale come from an estate donation from 2 former ACQ members.  There are some 700 books available for sale.  We will have books grouped by subject matter to make review and selection easier.  Please see our listing of books that are available to purchase at the book fair.  Books will be priced at $2.00 each or 3 books for $5.00.  (Buying in multiples of 3 will generate the greatest savings value.)

    The table below captures this schedule:

    Number of Books Price

    1.         $2.00
    2.         $4.00
    3.         $5.00
    4.         $7.00
    5.         $9.00
    6.       $10.00
    7.       $12.00
    8.       $14.00
    9.       $15.00
    10.       $17.00

    Here are some pointers regarding the book fair.

    • We have hundreds of books that are looking for new homes where they can inspire your next project.  There should be something for everyone.
    • Masks will be required (regardless of vaccination status).  In addition, please have understanding and patience should we have to temporarily limit the number of individuals that can be in the library room at one time.  
    • The book fair will run from 10:00 to 12:00 on Saturday, October 30.
    • Cash or check are the preferred form for payment.  We can accept credit card for purchases over $20.00.
    • This year we welcome non-ACQ members to the book sale starting at 11:00 and we solicit your support in extending an invitation to your friends that may be interested in the book fair.  There may be members of your quilt bee that are not members of ACQ who might like to attend the book fair.  Please share information with them.
    • Be sure to bring a tote bag for carrying home your purchases.
    • All book fair proceeds benefit your ACQ.  Come and support a good cause.  We look forward to seeing you.

    Submitted by Mary Rogers and Ann Roman

  • September 02, 2021 10:11 PM | Lynn Roginski (Administrator)

    Stitchin’ in Aurora Bee meets the first Wednesday of each month at 10 a.m.  In August, we returned to meeting in members’ homes.  Some people host the group and some prefer to bring light refreshments to share.  Some of us do handwork during the meetings and some prefer to just enjoy the camaraderie.  We would be happy to welcome new people to our (currently small) group of 7 members!

    Past bee projects have included a group block challenge, making the 2019 ACQ raffle quilt, a round robin challenge and charity quilts.  Participation in any of the group projects is entirely voluntary; some do and some do not.

    We are currently working to provide patriotic quilts for residents of Clermont Commons, a transitional housing program for female veterans.  As a small bee, we are partnering with ACQ Charity Quilts to help us meet the ongoing needs of their program.  

    Please consider joining us whether you want to join in the group projects or just meet new people and visit.  For more information, please contact Nancy Conklin @ 720.456.8876 or nancycquilts@gmail.com.

  • September 02, 2021 10:07 PM | Lynn Roginski (Administrator)

    1. Volunteer for that one-time, short duration task that fits best with your schedule. Opportunities include ....  

    • Create a media kit for ACQ members to share an ACQ event on their personal Social Media accounts;   
    • Donate a seasonal wallhanging for the October Online Auction;   
    • Help at the September Drive thru on Sept 25 to take in Auction Donations;
    • Be a photographer’s assistant for a day in support of the Online Auction

    2. Volunteer for that one event/fundraiser that has a specific beginning and end for that period when your busy schedule has slowed. Opportunities include ... 

    • Take the lead on the Spring Online Auction;
    • Take the lead organizing a demo night in 2022

    3. Volunteer for that committee whose focus meshes perfectly with your passion. Opportunities include ... 

    • Newsletter Editor
    • Social Media 
    • CPNLS

    4. Volunteer for a Board of Director position to help guide the Guild into the future. Opportunities include ... 

    • Secretary
    • VP - Marketing & Communications

    Reach out to President Jen Dietz or Newsletter Editor Lynn Roginski to get hooked up.

  • September 02, 2021 9:00 PM | Lynn Roginski (Administrator)

    Gratitude and Growth

    As you are well aware, our guild is comprised of all volunteers.  That means that the best way for you to influence the direction of the guild is to get involved.  I want to extend my sincere gratitude to all of those who have stepped up and volunteered for board and committee positions next year.  Our guild is one of the most vibrant here in Colorado (and, I would like to think across the country), so it is great to know that it will be in capable hands moving forward.  

    We have so many exciting opportunities in the works for next year, including the Festival of Quilts and a hybrid programs calendar that maximizes our ability to share the talents of instructors near and far (including Australia).  Hopefully this will provide opportunities for all members to be involved at some level: either through online workshops and sewcials or the in-person quilt show and meet-ups.  We still have lots of opportunities if you would like to volunteer and help – both short term and long term commitments.  If you have questions – please reach out to any of the board or committee members for more information. You can find a consolidated list of ACQ Leadership on our website.

    Despite the unprecedented challenges brought by COVID, we have continued to grow over this past year and a half.  As a result, we did a deep dive into the guild’s by-laws and standing rules to make sure that they reflect the direction our guild is heading and incorporates the changes brought by technology.  We are providing notice of the changes to the Bylaws in this newsletter. Members present at the September Guild Meeting will be voting on the Bylaws changes.  One of the most important changes to the Bylaws is the update of the purpose statement to:

    The purpose of Arapahoe County Quilters, Inc., the Guild, is to expand the art of quilting through providing educational opportunities to grow and learn about quilting, to share the talent of quilting through charitable activities, and to gather to enjoy the fellowship and friendship of other quilters.

    This better identifies the three primary tasks of ACQ – education (presentations, workshops, Festival of Quilts), charity (charitable quilts, CPNLS, Quilts of Valor), and fellowship (guild meetings, workshops, drive-thrus, outings).  When we look for future opportunities, we will ensure that they fit within at least one of these three primary tasks.

    I know that some members still have reservations about the Zoom meetings.  I urge you to give them a try once again.  This month we have an awesome speaker, Tammy Silvers, who is going to talk about spicing up your quilting style with different fabrics and colorways.

  • September 02, 2021 9:00 PM | Lynn Roginski (Administrator)

    President’s Block: Intersection

    Each month of this year I will be introducing a new block.  You may take this as an opportunity to build your own skills.  Additionally, I encourage you to post your block creations either on our ACQ Community Facebook page or on Instagram using #ACQPresidentBlock2021.  Each block you post will be entered into a monthly drawing for a fat quarter bundle.  If you aren’t on social media – no problem, just send me an email with your photo (pond.jennifer@comcast.net).  We will draw the winner at the next guild meeting, and you don’t need to be present to win (although we hope you will because we have a great line-up this year!).  The winner of August’s block will be announced at the September meeting, and the September block winner at the October meeting.


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