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Fall Auction Results

November 04, 2022 9:30 PM | Lynn Roginski

Our Fall Auction was very successful! We raised over $2700 for our charity materials that will help with expenses in 2023.  

I want to thank the following members for one or more donations to the auction:

Beth Taggert                                             Martha Wells

Nancy Conklin                                           Doreen Mortimer

Linda Starkey                                             Alma Lee (former member)

Ashley McNeese                                       Linda Mazunik

Jody Charmatz                                          Kate Colleran

Laura Eley                                                   Nathlia Holtz

Lori Hansen                                                Jean Gibson

Carolyn Morris                                          Jen Dietz

Carol Haines                                              Barb Pond

Lucy Rognes                                              Kathy Wasilewski

Louise Helton

Also thanks to Carol Kiser, Terri Shelgren , Nancy Conklin, Ann Roman, and Jen Dietz for helping distribute items on October 29th from 10-12 noon.

Although it is still 2022, it’s not too early to start planning for a donation in 2023.  I already ordered some Halloween fabric for next year’s auction items I will be making. The big sellers this year were place mats, wall hangings, table runners, and table toppers that were quilted, along with beautifully embroidered towels and kid’s pillow cases. Lap top size quilts were also popular, especially if they had applique or complex quilt patterns on them.

Start thinking now how you can create items for next year’s fall auction, which will again be in October.

Submitted by Barb Pond


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