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President's Letter - November 2020

October 28, 2020 2:03 PM | Carole Fronk (Administrator)

Hello November,

Waiting for the Election results.  Been on pins and needles since we turned in our ballots on 11 October.  I have powered downmy presence on Facebook and stopped all political posts starting 12 October.  Either way it goes, I just hope when the ballots are counted, we have an uneventful transition.  Thank goodness our ACQ elections were not so contentious. 

Our Guild got a call from a family disposing of fabric from their mother-in-law.  Mind you they had 2 earlier days for Guilds and their friends to come get fabric so I thought we might get a little.  Well the garage was full.  And guess what?  She had grandsons, so there is a lot of boy specific fabric that will go into the Charity Quilt bin.  I have tried to make at least one quilt for boys in each batch, but it is really hard with all the pretty florals and such.  Well this lady’s family gave us yards of fabric.  She bought at least 1 yard, but many were several (6+) yards.  So, if anyone has been thinking that we needed to make more quilts for boys, we now have some supplies.

We had another Drive Thru event on October 24th followed by a Charity Sew on Sunday 25th. As I write this it is still 2 weekends away, but if it is as successful as the one in September there will be some great numbers that the Board and Committee chairs will report.

As of the 14th of October, I have completed the 3 t-shirt tops for my friend in North Carolina. I hope the wide backing comes in soon so I can get them in the mail by Halloween. I’ll let you know if I made my deadline at the Nov meeting.

Can’t wait to see show and tell this month. You guys always give me inspiration and motivation. Thank you one and all.

May your bobbins be ever full and your seams straight

Terry Chase


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